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At a Glance
  • Total Length 10 hours
  • Level Beginner to Advanced
  • Instructor Deanna Reynolds

Access 2007 Training Highlights

  • Advanced Filter
  • Designing Select and Action Queries
  • Working with Form and Report Controls
  • Planning & Designing a Database
  • Assigning Cascading Updates and Cascading Deletes when enforcing referential integrity
  • Creating multi-valued fields
  • Preventing Data Entry Errors
  • Using Input Masks
  • Creating a Calculated Field
  • Highlighting form data with Conditional Formatting
  • Creating Groups and Total Reports
  • Create Single and Multiple Parameter Queries
  • Arranging Report Data Into Columns

Microsoft Access 2007 Training: Course Description

It’s Access…do we need to say more?

The possibilities are nearly limitless of how you can use Access at work. But, many aren’t brave enough to tackle this pretty powerful development tool. In our Microsoft Access 2007 training course, we’ve worked hard to take the fear out of database development to produce a course that even the most novice database user can progress through and walk away a developer. We hope that’s music to your ears. 


Of course, you can read the outline, but here’s what you’ll get…in a nutshell

Like many of our Microsoft Office training courses, Access 2007 Training consists of short, succinct, standalone topics – a favorite feature among many of our clients. This structure means you don’t have to wade through content that you already know. You can skip directly to the topics you want to learn about or start right from the beginning and watch the entire 10 hours from beginning to end. Although, we do recommend to take at least one break to grab some food.

Access 2007 Training Topics Include:

Work with database security

  • Planning & Designing a Database including an overview of the database design process
  • Building & modifying tables
  • Sort and Filter tables and forms
  • Work with Common Filters, Filter by Form, Filter by Selection and Advanced Filters
  • Design Select and Action Queries
  • Build & modify forms and reports
  • Understand primary keys, foreign keys and table relationships
  • Export your Access data to Word and Excel
  • Prevent data entry errors using features like the lookup fields, data validation, conditional formatting and combo boxes
  • Work with Parameter queries to pull different data sets every time you run a report









Are you still reading? Good. Because, we have more to talk about.

Our Microsoft Access 2007 Training course is best enhanced when viewed with our fresh learning platform that merges the best Learning Management Systems (LMS) and knowledgebase features into a slick enterprise-wide Software as a Service (SaaS) application. 

What Does that Mean for You?
  • Online, 24/7 access to full Microsoft Access 2007 Training course content that is also available as searchable, bite-sized training articles and videos that can be quickly found when needed through a handy, quick search feature.  (Training you need, when you need it)
  • Customized Microsoft Access 2007 Training for all levels of Office users that starts with topic introduction, continues through real-world exercises to practice what you learned and wraps up with a quiz to test your recall.  (Start where you want, practice what you see, prove your new skills)
  • With almost 200 topics to choose from and over 10 hours of recorded Access 2007 Training lessons, we're pretty confident that you'll learn something new, and if not, call us; we may have a teaching job for you.  (Every Microsoft Access 2007 Training video has a matching article)

KeyStone OnDemand Interface

Access 2007 Training at a Glance:

Total Length: 10 hours

Level: Beginner to Advanced

You Need 24X7 Access 2007 Training Support for Common Day-to-Day QuestionsConnecting the Pieces

  • An easy way to support Access users
  • Proactively cut costs with reduced support
  • Easily customize training for local needs

You're in the Right Place

  • Find what you need instantly by keyword
  • Beginner to Advanced topics in Video & Text
  • Interactive training includes Excercises & Quizzes

And We Know Enterprise

Whether you are suppporting a local migration or managing a global roll out, KeyStone provides complete end-to-end support!

Business Features include:

  • Migration and Roll out support packages
  • Pre and Post Assessments
  • Robust Learning and Content Management
  • Built in Helpdesk Integration
  • 24x7 Access with no hidden costs
  • Unlimited Tier 1 support for licensed users
  • Globalization & awareness campaigns including Webinars, Posters, Quick Reference Cards
  • Customize and create your own content for rapid deployment


Includes Learning and Content Management, Certificates of Completion, and a Complete Library of Courses.


The Complete Microsoft Access 2007 Training Solution (Because you need a plan)

We think this Microsoft Office Access 2007 training course is great, and we’ve got our fingers crossed that you’ll like it, too.  We could go on and on about the benefits of training and how it positively impacts user productivity ultimately resulting in a net gain of getting more done in a shorter amount of time. But, you already know all of that. 

What you don't know is what makes us different.

KeyStone Learning Systems offers comprehensive solutions for enterprise clients. What does that mean? If you’re a company looking for high quality Microsoft Access 2007 end-user training you can track and assign with the ability to customize the off-the-shelf content, we can help.

The next you get a request for Access 2007 training, you can open your web browser, assign a user to the Access 2007 Training course and they have access... immediately. Our system tracks your users, what courses they've taken and sends that usage data right back to you.

Did we mention there's no software to buy or install? The news just keeps getting better. Does your organization have Internet access? Silly question, we know. But, if you have that, you can have KeyStone OnDemand.

Basically, you license it and we stream it.

That's 24/7 access for you and your company with no hidden IT, support or other technology costs that we all know tend to add up pretty quickly. We think it's revolutionary, but we wouldnít mind hearing your opinion.

Did we mention?

  • Our trainers are MCTs with a passion for training that you'll feel from the first video
  • We offer unlimited Tier 1 support via email for licensed users
  • We provide complete training, migration and roll out support packages including Quick Reference Cards, Webinars, Posters, Pre and Post Assessments, Custom Introduction Videos (from your Management team), Awareness Campaigns, and Helpdesk Support Features.
  • Your company could be up and running with our training within 2-4 business hours (there are some time zone requirements here, but you get the idea)
  • You can add your own training content to our existing, and fabulous, off-the-shelf training

Key Learning Objectives for Microsoft Access 2007 Training: 

This is such a big course, even bigger when you get it with the rest of the Microsoft Office 2007 training course, we can't possibly list all of the learning objectives here. For that, check out the outline. But, here are some things that we think are pretty cool.
  • Understand the database design process to create and build your own Access database
  • Streamline data entry processes using quick data entry techniques and development features like lookup fields, combo boxes, data validation and conditional formatting
  • Extract information from a database using custom filters and enhanced select queries
  • Make large scale database edits using action queries
  • Create user-friendly forms and reports
  • Build databases that adhere to development guidelines with proper relationship assignments
  • Document your database structure
At a Glance
  • Total Length 10 hours
  • Level Beginner to Advanced
  • Instructor Deanna Reynolds


Microsoft Office Access 2007 Training Outline


Microsoft Access 2007 Training: Level 1 (Beginner)

(Getting Started with Microsoft Access 2007)
  • 1. Getting Started
  • 1.1. About Relational Databases and Access 2007
  • 1.2. Launching Access 2007
  • 1.3. Touring the Access Environment
  • 1.4. Using the Office Menu
  • 1.5. Database Components
  • 1.6. Using the Navigation Pane
  • 1.7. Getting Help
  • 1.8. Opening & Closing Access Databases
  • 1.9. Creating an Access Database Using a Preloaded Template


  • 2. Working with an Existing Table
  • 2.1. Exploring Datasheet View
  • 2.2. Editing & Selecting Table Data
  • 2.3. Adding & Deleting Records
  • 2.4. Find & Replace
  • 2.5. Undo & Redo


  • 3. Working with an Existing Form
  • 3.1. Exploring Form View
  • 3.2. Editing & Selecting Form Data
  • 3.3. Adding & Deleting Records
  • 3.4. Find & Replace


  • 4. Sorting & Filtering
  • 4.1. Sorting a Table and a Form
  • 4.2. About Filters
  • 4.3. Common Filters
  • 4.4. Filter by Selection
  • 4.5. Filter by Form
  • 4.6. Advanced Filter


  • 5. Designing Select Queries
  • 5.1. Using the Query Wizard
  • 5.2. Using Query Design View
  • 5.3. Using Criteria
  • 5.4. Sorting and Showing Query Fields
  • 5.5. Adding Tables to a Query


  • 6. Form Basics
  • 6.1. Using the Forms Wizard
  • 6.2. Using the Form Tool
  • 6.3. Working with Form Design View
  • 6.4. Working with Form Layout View
  • 6.5. Working with Form Controls


  • 7. Report Basics
  • 7.1. Using the Reports Wizard
  • 7.2. Using the Report Tool
  • 7.3. Working with Report Design View
  • 7.4. Working with Report Layout View
  • 7.5. Working with Report Controls


  • 8. Printing Database Objects
  • 8.1. Printing Tables or Queries
  • 8.2. Printing Forms
  • 8.3. Printing Reports


  • 9. Microsoft Access 2007 Training: Level 1 Resources
  • 9.1. Access 2007 Level 1 Exercises 
  • 9.2. Access 2007 Level 1 Sample Files
  • 9.3. Access 2007 Level 1 Knowledge Checks
  • 9.4. Access 2007 Level 1 Training KeyNotes

Microsoft Access 2007 Training: Level 2 (Intermediate)

  • 1. Planning & Designing a Database
  • 1.1. Database Design Process
  • 1.2. Creating a Database Using a Wizard
  • 1.3. Creating a Database from Scratch


  • 2. Building & Modifying Tables
  • 2.1. Creating a Table Using a Table Template
  • 2.2. About Data Types
  • 2.3. Creating a Table in Datasheet View
  • 2.4. Creating a Table in Design View
  • 2.5. Using Field Templates
  • 2.6. Setting Primary Keys


  • 3. Working with Relationships
  • 3.1. Types of Relationships
  • 3.2. Referential Integrity
  • 3.3. Cascading Updates and Deletes
  • 3.4. Multi-Valued Fields
  • 3.5. Printing Relationships


  • 4. Sharing Your Data
  • 4.1. Export Your Access Report to Word
  • 4.2. Export Your Access Table to Excel
  • 4.3. Import Your Excel Spreadsheet into Access
  • 4.4. Copying the Table Structure and Data


  • 5. Enhancing Your Forms
  • 5.1. Using the Field List Task Pane
  • 5.2. Using the Forms Controls Group
  • 5.3. Adding & Formatting Labels
  • 5.4. Adding Graphics
  • 5.5. Adding Command Buttons


  • 6. Enhancing Your Reports
  • 6.1. Using the Reports Control Group
  • 6.2. Adding Graphic Details
  • 6.3. Working with White Space and Report Width


  • 7. Microsoft Access 2007 Training: Level 2 Resources
  • 7.1. Access 2007 Level 2 Exercises 
  • 7.2. Access 2007 Level 2 Sample Files
  • 7.3. Access 2007 Level 2 Knowledge Checks
  • 7.4. Access 2007 Level 2 Training KeyNotes

Microsoft Access 2007 Training: Level 3 (Advanced)

  • 1. Preventing Data Entry Errors
  • 1.1. Using the Lookup Wizard
  • 1.2. Data Validation
  • 1.3. Working with Combo Boxes
  • 1.4. Working with List Boxes


  • 2. Advanced Table Design
  • 2.1. Field Properties
  • 2.2. Using Input Masks
  • 2.3. Using the Datasheet Total Row
  • 2.4. Using Rich Text in the Memo Field


  • 3. Advanced Query Design
  • 3.1. Creating a Calculated Field
  • 3.2. Creating a Crosstab Query


  • 4. Advanced Form Design
  • 4.1. Split Forms
  • 4.2. Working with the Property Sheet
  • 4.3. Changing Control Tab Order
  • 4.4. Conditional Formatting
  • 4.5. Adding Tab Pages


  • 5. Advanced Report Design
  • 5.1. Creating Groups and Total Reports
  • 5.2. Working with Total Fields
  • 5.3. Adding Calculated Controls to a Report


  • 6. Managing Databases
  • 6.1. Identify Object Dependencies
  • 6.2. Database Documenter


  • 7. Microsoft Access 2007 Training: Level 3 Resources
  • 7.1. Access 2007 Level 3 Exercises 
  • 7.2. Access 2007 Level 3 Sample Files
  • 7.3. Access 2007 Level 3 Knowledge Checks
  • 7.4. Access 2007 Level 3 Training KeyNotes

Microsoft Access 2007 Training: Level 4 (Expert)

  • 1. Expertly Designed Select Queries
  • 1.1. Single Parameter Queries
  • 1.2. Multiple Parameter Queries
  • 1.3. Query Joins


  • 2. Action Queries
  • 2.1. Types of Action Queries
  • 2.2. Update Queries
  • 2.3. Append Queries
  • 2.4. Make Take Queries
  • 2.5. Delete Queries


  • 3. Expertly Designed Forms
  • 3.1. Creating a Lookup Field
  • 3.2. Using a Bitmap as a Form Background
  • 3.3. Adding Calculated Controls to a Form


  • 4. Expertly Designed Reports
  • 4.1. Setting Section Properties
  • 4.2. Adding Graphics
  • 4.3. Arranging Report Data Into Columns


  • 5. Macros
  • 5.1. Create a Macro
  • 5.2. Edit a Macro
  • 5.3. Attach a Macro to a Command Button


  • 6. Database Security
  • 6.1. About Database Security
  • 6.2. Using a Database Password


  • 7. Microsoft Access 2007 Training: Level 4 Resources
  • 7.1. Access 2007 Level 4 Exercises 
  • 7.2. Access 2007 Level 4 Sample Files
  • 7.3. Access 2007 Level 4 Knowledge Checks
  • 7.4. Access 2007 Level 4 Training KeyNotes

Microsoft Access 2007 Training Course Instructor

Instructor Photo

Deanna Reynolds

MCTS, Technical Trainer, Published Author

Deanna is an author and technical instructor residing in Bellingham, Washington. For close to 20 years, Deanna has trained students in all arenas, specializing in delivering enterprise training. Throughout her career, Deanna has led hundreds of computer productivity training sessions, from beginner through advanced levels.  These days, Deanna’s technical training has extended beyond the classroom to include more than 20 courses for KeyStone Learning Systems and three published books: Excel 2010: No Problem! (Wiley), Word 2007 Pocket Book (Prentice Hall), and Managing Projects with Microsoft Office Project 2007 (Microsoft Press).

In the Microsoft Access 2007 Training course, Deanna will guide users of all levels to better database productivity through a complete understanding of Access 2007.

Some Quick Microsoft Access 2007 Training Tips

Access 2007 Training Tip:  Create a Calculated Field in a Query

Calculated fields are convenient when you want to display a formula result on your query. And, since proper table design dictates that you don’t add calculated fields to a table because they are prime for user input errors, the perfect place for them is in a query and they’re as easy as creating a formula.

It’s easy - start each expression (or, calculation) with the name of the calculated field followed by a colon (:). For example: “TotalPrice:”. Then, surround field names with square brackets. For example: [UnitPrice] or [EmployeeName].  That’s it.  (Microsoft Access 2007 Training Tips: © KeyStone Learning Systems)


Access 2007 Training Tip: Have you Seen the Zoom Box?

In Design view, you can object view your custom expressions in a larger box. The next time you’re creating a calculated field in Query Design view, for example, press SHIFT+F2 to open the Zoom box. Now, that’s better.  (Microsoft Access 2007 Training Tips: © KeyStone Learning Systems)


Access 2007 Training Tip: Did you Know you can Create Forms with Tabbed Pages?

While you can use boxes and lines to separate fields of data on a form, you can also separate your fields onto different tabs. For instance, you can have one tab display business information for a contact while a second tab displays only personal information, and so on. In Form Design view, click the Tab Control option in the Controls group. Once it’s placed, just drag fields onto the tabs.  (Microsoft Access 2007 Training Tips: © KeyStone Learning Systems)


Other Resouces on the Web

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This is a group for Microsoft learning and training professionals, including desktop support managers, project managers, instructional designers, learning officers and classroom trainers.



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At a Glance
  • Total Length 10 hours
  • Level Beginner to Advanced
  • Instructor Deanna Reynolds